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King Salmon Air Station Demo






August 2003 to June 2004


King Salmon, Alaska

King Salmon Alaska

King Salmon, Alaska is just about 273 miles south west of Anchorage, Alaska. Being that our corporate office is located in Wasilla (about 44 miles north of Anchorage) we had to transport our crew down to the location of this project. In addition to flying our crew down to King Salmon we had to transport all of the material used for abatement and demolition as well. Preparing for this job was crucial because we had to be fully prepared in order to complete the project on a timely basis.

This particular project required Arrowhead abating and demolishing 9 buildings at King Salmon Air Force Forward Operating Base. Materials encountered during the duration of the project included gypsum wall board (GWB), floor tile & mastic, thermal system insulation (TSI) piping, tanks, acoustic tile mastic, concrete asbestos board (CAB) shingles, CAB wallboard and roofing material.

Picture of Buildings that were worked on

Hauling out sheetrock and trim from one of the buildings

In the process of removing the trusses

Another picture of removing trusses

Trusses removed from the buildings being abated